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The REAL Paul Leitner-Wise

The REAL story of Paul Leitner-Wise & Leitner-Wise "Manufacturing"

The purpose:

  • Prevent people from being SCAMMED by this circus act
  • Expose the corporate shell game, with a history of defrauding people
  • Set the record straight, on the origin of certain "prolific designs"
  • Set the record straight, on the origin of the finish known as, "Carbonite"
  • Expose what has been billed as "LWM's enhanced bolt carrier groups"
  • Set the record straight on the "machines LWM has running every day"- (STOLEN parts, he turned around and told everyone HE made, and sold)
  • See original LWM's hand guard material, and who "the Prolific Designer" went to for help to redesign it, who produced it, and who he BEGGED to fund the material for
  • Take a closer look at the fairy tales they tell of products, "pirated from them"
  • Expose the underhanded, dirty tricks they play to try to get out of paying what they owe or fulfilling contracts
  • Not JUST, a "Prolific designer" - literally, an international man of mystery
  • Expose who HAS, and IS suing Paul and LWM, and why (along with his taodie Vanessa)
  • According to Vanessa's testimony to a federal court, it sounds like Paul is a nonimmigrant alien - ATF rules say he shouldn't have anything to do with guns!
  • Expose Paul's other legal troubles and financial history (Filed bankruptcy 3 times in two years)
  • Debunk the Vanessa Vy (AKA: Vanessa Payne, AKA: Vanessa Truog, AKA: Vanessa Elizabeth Harper) "LWM company ownership" (just add pixie dust)
  • The real, "Massive reach" and "Footprint" they have on social media
  • Hear the stories from people they've burned in the industry!
  • Koniag Development Corporation rolls Snake-Eyes, betting on PLW
  • Learn about the "royalties owed Paul" by LWRC
  • And MUCH, MUCH more!


Paul likes to take credit for just about anything he can. Let's look at this statement from his website, "Paul Leitner-Wise was the first to suggest and use 9310 as a suitable material for rifle bolts." We like to joke that. "Paul invented everything with rifles" because his statements are so absurd. Not satisfied with just taking credit for everything, Paul has a bad habit of attempting to discredit anyone, and everyone, that isn't Paul Leitner-Wise.

So, on that note, I would like to start with a story, taken from the pages of, "Zen in the Martial Arts" that happened in a dojo, owned by Ed Parker, Kenpo Karate Master, to Joe Hyams, the author of the book.

"I will remember one of my initial sessions at his dojo in Los Angeles where I was practising Kumite (sparring) with a more skilful opponent. To make up for my lack of knowledge and experience, I tried deceptive, tricky moves that were readily countered. I was outclassed, and Parker watched me get roundly trounced. When the match was over I was dejected. Parker invited me into his small office; a small sparsely furnished room with only a scarred desk and battered chairs. "Why are you so upset? " he asked. "Because I couldn't score." Parker got up from behind the desk and with a piece of chalk drew a line on the floor about five feet long. "How can you make this line shorter?" he asked. "I studied the line and gave him several answers, including cutting the line in many pieces. He shook his head and drew a second line, longer than the first. "Now how does the first line look? "Shorter,'' I said. Parker nodded. "It is always better to improve and strengthen your own line or knowledge than to try and cut your opponent's line." He accompanied me to the door and added, "Think about what I have just said."

LWM claims THEY created CarboniteJust for starters, why not look at the "creation date" of the website your reading, May 03 of 2014, then jump over to when Paul started talking about Carbonite on his website, Aug. of 2014. On Aug. 20'th, 2014 they state, "Nobody else can do this. This is created by #LWM"

Anyone who still wishes to obsequious to Paul, and LWM, don't worry; documents seem to magically appear with dates that lend credence to statements made. I'm sure something will pop up. Unfortunately for PLW, we have the actual emails, texts, prints, purchase orders, shipment records, court documents, witnesses, etc. PROVING our statements. Many of Paul's "groundbreaking designs" can be found on GrabCAD (links soon.)

PLW, and Vanessa will do, what they always do; make a LOT of noise, make up stories, throw around baseless accusations, and their trademark, go on the "personal attack" warpath. It's really what they're known for.

Did you ever really listen and think about what they're saying? Because notice, if anyone says something about them... they strike. Then a bunch of "never before heeard from" shills, also start chiming in. Paul is kind of imfamous for this trick, he's done it for years. They talked about it at AR15.com and a bunch of other forums. They begin to spew bile everywhere, about anything they can come up with. It doesn't matter if it's something they THINK, or they made up, or deliberatly caused themselves. Ultimately, they'll just end up being sued for libel and slander (again) because them not KNOWING who their dealing with, has finally caught up with them.

The underlying theme, they don't want you to look at THEM too closely. "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!"



Check back often, as uploading all the proof: PO's. emails, texts, prints, models, pictures, etc. as well as our legal action against Paul and his toadies, takes time. We'll make it though, so the TRUTH can be chronicled.