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Have you ever thought about an investment in a big time gun company? I wouldn't be surprised if you were offered one, since there are at least THREE people I know of that Paul has "offered a part his company to" in exchange for investment, merchandise or "sweat-equity."

Or wait, that's right, Paul Leitner-Wise isn't building HIS new company. After being sued by BCI Defense, and Beam Distributing for breach of contract and other various things, suddenly Paul DOESN'T own the company... and never did!

Paul Leitner-Wise Corporate Shell Game

Vanessa Vy (AKA: Vanessa Truog, AKA: Vanessa Payne, AKA: Vanessa Elizabeth Harper) claims SHE started LWM and Paul never had any ownership interest. News to the three "members" (and who knows how many others) who were offered "ownership in the company" in exchange for goods and services by PAUL himself, long before Vanessa was in the picture.

I wonder why Vanessa didn't organize her own company, and chose Virginia (where Paul lived and she didn't) and instead, Paul Leitner-Wise was the Organizer and the Registered Agent. "The initial registered agent is an individual who is a resident of Virginia and a member or manager of the limited liability company." The document linked says that the address of registered office, business office and principal business office was 108 South Early Street, Alexandria, VA 22304.

The weird thing about that address (aside from the fact that it is the one Paul has been known to use for years) is that, at the time, it appears to belong to Eugene Stein, Real Estate Agent and Builder. Wasn't there some other guy who was a realtor or something in this story? Oh yea, Paul Leitner-Wise (web link)

Vanessa has the answerDon't worry, Vanessa has an answer for that now. SHE authorized Paul Leitner-Wise to make the offer for ownership in the company. "I approved it" she said. Which is amazing to the three members, since Vanessa had NOTHING to do with the company at that time, and appeared on NO documentation we have. Incredibly, this is how business works with Paul Leitner-Wise and Vanessa.

Why, since, according to Vanessa and Paul, he never owned the company, he would file a lawsuit, and act as counsel "Pro Se (representing himself)? " You will notice on that document that the "Plaintiff counsel is Paul Letitner-Wise - Pro Se" and on the bottom you can see the complaint was also filed by Paul Leitner-Wise and apparently paid for by him, since there is a receipt number of 14683048118. Strange... unless you were involved with LWM at that time, and it was pre, Paul pretending Vanessa started, or owned the company.


That leads us into the next company Paul Leitner-Wise starts, you know, obviously "with Vanessa's approval" - I wonder if that's why his last name is hyphenated... because he's like a woman? Anyway, Paul Leitner-Wise decides he's ABOVE contracts he signs, and decides, "Hey, these guys did all the work to build this brand, Muzzleshot" and it's going pretty well, why don't I BREAK the contract, and reap more of the rewards from their work?"

Paul then attempts to stymie the litigation process by opening a new LLC, through Leitner-Wise Manufacturing, LLC by: himself, Paul Leitner-Wise, on June 4th, 2014, called Muzzleshot, LLC. He has NO PROBLEM, using the Federally Trademarked brand name, Muzzleshot as solely his own. I mean, why would he? Partners, and everyone else in Paul's eyes, are there simply to enrich Paul Leitner-Wise.

UPDATE! Now, NEW INFORMATION has come to light, that Paul AGAIN claims he DOESN'T own THIS company, imagine that! Nope, now the claim is that Muzzleshot, LLC is actually "owned" by Rich Caviar, LLC. Which in turn, according to the Leitner-Wise web page, is owned by Vanessa Vy... an alias that Vanessa Truog uses, and was created October of 2014.

Rich Caviar, LLC (a Vanessa Truog company) at one time was obviously in the residential lending business. Because Paul Leitner-Wise, testified to a Federal court judge (in his SECOND bankruptcy) that Rich Caviar, LLC "approved him for a $700,000 loan on his house" to save it from foreclosure. Download and read the entire transcript of that case here (it's quite comical when Paul's old lies are documented, and the new lies he used to cover them, are exposed.)

It's hard to keep up with, but in breaking the exclusive distribution agreement with BEAM Distributing (but still wanting to capitalize on their work of building the Muzzleshot name) Paul and Vanessa create a Facebook page called, "Original Muzzleshot" and a website called, "OriginalMuzzleshot.com"... how original.

BEAM's lawsuit claims that Vanessa stole intellectual property in the form of pictures, style layout or design, from BEAM Distributing. Right here, I feel the need to quote Lenny Kravitz, "But I'm always on the run...." before I SHOCK you with the information that OriginalMuzzleshot, is now, "Caliber Ballistic Barware." Notice the lack of any actual contact information, at all.

So now, let's try to keep this straight; Paul enters an exclusive distribution agreement with Beam Distributing, by way of Leitner-Wise Manufacturing, a company formed in 2012, by himself, that he now claims he owns no part of, yet bears his distinctively hyphenated last name.

Vanessa Truog (AKA: Vy, Payne, Elizabeth Harper) claims Leitner-Wise Manufacturing, is actually owned by Rich Caviar, LLC, a company Vanessa Truog started in October of 2014 (no longer in the residential loan business, handing out $700,000 loans to high-risk individuals, apparently, and now an "Intellectual Property Company.")

Beam Distributing gets ripped off, after putting in a lot of hard work building a brand and marketing it, and sues Paul for Breach of Contract. Paul (and originally, several other shell companies) sue Beam Distributing for "Patent Infringement" which Paul represents himself, and that case is dismissed, because frankly, it's frivolous.

I think the BIGGEST slap in the face, has to be Vanessa Truog, by way of her, Syrup and Salt "company" turning around and OUTRIGHT LIBELING Beam Distributing, by saying on her webpage, "When MuzzleShot LLC came to Syrup and Salt for help re-branding their “MuzzleShot” product line we jumped at the opportunity. Their previous distributor had severely restricted brand recognition and marketing, and then engaged in criminal activities to defraud them."

The statement, "Criminal activities to defraud them" just... Wow! Was that referencing the "patent infringement" that was thrown out of court, along with Paul Leitner-Wise, on his ear? And by them, doesn't she mean, "her" because I thought she owned MuzzleShot, LLC through one of her multiple shell companies. ... why did she need BEAM to make a website for her, if she is in the business of branding and website design? It's difficult to follow the trail of BS sometimes.

Courthouse News reports, "After receiving 480 MuzzleShot glasses from the engraver on May 20, 2014, Leitner-Wise rejected the distributor's payment, demanded return of the items and announced it no longer would maintain a relationship with Beam.

The next day, the complaint alleges, representative Paul Andrew Leitner-Wise posted on his personal Facebook page, "480 MuzzleShots were stolen from our engravers by the former distributors. Anyone receiving one after today is handling stolen property. The Commonwealth's Attorney's [sic] are pursuing the matter and that is that."

In addition to the defamatory statements on social networks including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, Beam says defendant Vanessa Troug assisted Leitner-Wise in creating the counterfeit website originalmuzzleshot.com, which stole copyrighted material directly from Beam's website.

The alleged defamation and threats continued throughout the course of several months, plaintiffs allege, including a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and a public grievance on the website "Ripoff Report" which urged consumers to "not do service with this company if you wish to not get ripped off."

Truog and Leitner-Wise eventually accepted payment for the shot glasses, court documents say, and after Beam filed an interpleader suit against them, "legally abandoned" the claims and agreed that Beam was contractually allowed to sell the MuzzleShot glasses in question.

"The defendants' concerted actions were for the purpose of terminating and/or interfering with the contractual relationship in the Agreement between Beam and LWM, so the defendants could sell the MuzzleShot product and reap a greater profit than under the Agreement, resulting in substantial monetary damages to Beam," the plaintiffs maintain."

His word is no good, contracts with him are no good, he's never met a bill he thought he should pay, and it's all someone else's fault. That's Paul, in a nutshell.

Syrup and Salt client, Bang, Bang Coffee, as they're sued by the parent BCI DefenseOn to Syrup and Salt, apparently their "design company." Honestly, can't believe they have the nerve to put BCI Defense and their related companies on there, after taking them for a ride. It really exemplifies how many REAL companies they do business with. "Bang, Bang Coffee" is some sort of subsidiary of BCI Defense


Syrup and Salt client, BCI Defense, sueing LWM and companyThen of course, what's a subsidiary without the parent, right? Isn't it kind of desperate to put the companies that are suing you on your page, like some sort of banner? PLEASE click this one to blow it up and see the marketing of bolt carrier groups "designed by Leitner-Wise Manufacturing." You can read more about that on the "Prolific Designer" page.


Then MuzzleShot LLC? Another "company" quasi-caught up in litigation, as it is supposedly owned by Leitner-Wise Manufacturing, and being they are being sued by Beam Distributing for breach of contract, among other things. You can read about that on the "Courtroom Regular" page.

Syrup and Salt client... Muzzleshot


Let's look back on some others that have rolled the dice with Paul Leitner-Wise at the helm, and backed this lame horse. Koniag Development Corporation, through a subsidiary, invested a tidy sum in the "Leitner-Wise Rifle Company" and eventually wrote it off as a loss and divested it's interest in the company. That's some SERIOUS losing, Man. MILLIONS of bucks circling the drain. What does Paul do with the money???

For some reason, this quote by Rupert Murdoch seem so apropos...

Murdoch quote