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The REAL Paul Leitner-Wise

Paul is like Norm, from Cheers. except in the courtroom. Aside from the three bankruptcies he filed in two years, his being in lawsuits right now, being sued by BCI Defense, Beam Distributing and others, if you take a trip down memory lane, you can see Paul and the "companies" that he was a part of, were no stranger to being accused of breach of contract, and fraud.

Paul likes to flex his legal muscle... Pro Se (representing himself) and jabber about it on social media. He files a lawsuit, case: 2:2014-cv-00619 against Beam Distributing for "Patent Infringement(?)" in Dec. of 2014. It appears to be a "nuisance suit" that several parties involved in. The plaintiffs are Vanessa Truog (AKA: Vanessa Vy) Leitner_Wise Manufacturing, LLC, Rich Caviar, LLC and Muzzleshot, LLC.

The complaint, honestly, doesn't make sense as all of the plaintiffs, save Paul Leitner-Wise, are crossed off at some point. You will find that Paul Leitner-Wise and Vanessa Truog routinely try to deceive people and the court, with made up stories. They fabricate proof and in some cases entire companies to lend and air of legitimacy to their lies, which seem to have no boundaries.

The case flounders along, with the help of Paul's keen legal mind, for over nine months. Many times Beam's lawyer basically asks, "What are we being sued for?" Ultimately is dismissed because it's another smoke and mirrors trick by Paul to just be as annoying as possible, and make up stories of his persecution. DISMISSED 9/17/2015

The latest FEDERAL lawsuit for fraud (at the time of this writing) comes Oct. of 2015. - This time Paul Leitner-Wise, Vanessa Vy, and Leitner-Wise Manufacturing, are ALL sued. Now, try to serve Paul, Vanessa or an officer of the company at either of the addresses they gave us as "Leitner-Wise Manufacturing" 1112 First St. Alexcandria, VA and you'll likely have the same problem the process server did... This is Tony's Auto Service, presumably, one of the "owners" of LWM.

Leitner-Wise Manufacturing, AKA Tony's Auto Service

What about "Leitner-Wise Manufacturing" at 108 S. Early St. Alexandria, VA 22304? UPDATED NEW INFO! This is a picture of 108 S. Early so you can see that this isn't a manufacturing anything. It's a small office space of like 200 sq. feet.

Eugene Stein Realtor AKA Letitner-Wise Manufacturing

Leitner-Wise Manufacturing 108 S. Early

What about the last known home address, 917 Juniper Lane, Alexandria, VA? No luck, because it was foreclosed on.

FINALLY, after MONTHS of searching, Paul Leitner-Wise and Vanessa Truog were found and served with the Federal lawsuit for Fraud, at SpecDive Tectical's, "Nothing But Black" event on Feb 27th of 2016!


BCI Defense sues Paul Leitner-Wise

Paul Leitner-Wise Fraud Lawsuit

Prior to his house being foreclosed on, and the three bankruptcies in two years, it appears that someone else felt they got screwed out of five grand. EVICTED! Paul is no stranger to being thrown out on the street.

Paul Leitner-Wise Evicted

2006, Money is tight, once again, so Paul finds his way to being charged with the felony of "Obtaining money under false pretenses." Stand up guy to do business with.

Paul Leitner-Wise charged with felony obtaining money under false pretenses

Back in 2004, LMT sues for $125,00 for breach of contract. Currently collecting first hand information on this.

Lewis Machine and Tool sues Leitner-Wise Rifle Company

Prior to that, he was sued for fraud. Anyone noticing a pattern, here?

Paul Leitner-Wise sued for fraud

Seems to be a lot of payment issues, and FRAUD lawsuits, circling around Paul Leitner-Wise and company.