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The REAL Paul Leitner-Wise

Did you know Paul Leitner-Wise started LWRC? Of course you did. You know it, because if you've ever been around PLW, you have heard it ad nauseam. I have seriously, never heard anyone so pumped, repeating the same story, over and over and over. Especially when that story can be boiled down to: "I started a company that became successful AFTER they kicked me to the curb. Once I was gone, yea... there was really nothing left to mess them up."

This company wanted absolutely NO association with the "Leitner-Wise Rifle Company" name. They quickly came up with a new name, the "Land, Warfare, Resource Corporation." I can't blame them. You know, I never hear anyone at LWRC talking about PLW, like he does when he tries to LATCH ON to their success. Well, LWRC went on to bigger and better things, and so too did Paul Leitner-Wise, apparently.

Now, we all know Paul Leitner-Wise as a "hard charging metrosexual," telling fairy tales to gullible travelers on the internet, but did you know that if you need to buy a house in foreclosure (like his) evidently he's a realtor, too!

I'm not sure if that was before, during or after, his successful stint as a "Business Consultant," but my favorite part of the interview is at 26 seconds, where it leads in to Leitner-Wise profoundly announcing, "He had an opportunity to not pay for something and took that opportunity." Wow Paul, you really DID learn a lot in that profession!

What a lot of people don't know, one of the FEW things PLW doesn't have a boisterous, overbearing opinion about, I learned from Vanessa Truog (She goes by the alias, Vanessa Vy.) In a federal court case, submitted, presumably under oath, that "the company (LWM) applied for his (PLW) VISA." and "Subsequent to the issue of the Visa, his I-485 Green Card will also be issued." Now, I'm no attorney, but doesn't that mean that Paul Leitner-Wise is a nonimmigrant alien? Oh, nice signature BTW Vanessa. Was that in crayon, underwater?

Paul Leitner-Wise shooting gunTake a gander at this once, anyone who has ever witnessed PLW "In possession or receipt of a firearm or ammunition." You MAY want to contact the ATF, ASAP and report the incident you witnessed. #ConsideredOutlaws, indeed.

PLEASE help the ATF investigate this.

Paul Leitner-Wise shooting Paul Leitner-Wise with firearmPaul Leitner-Wise shooting gun


I found this interesting tid-bit about Paul being let go from LWRC, or download the screenshot, here. Scroll down to Darren Mellors (LWRC) comment. Lovely, that he personally addresses Paul, in his post, "Being megomoniacal as Mr. PLW is, if he is reading; I thank you for bringing us together, so sorry you hired competent folks that quickly realized what you were (3 weeks, he had some fooled for years!), you are famous and running out of victims, time to change your name again if the ego permits."

Paul Leitner-Wise changes his name

Now, what did Darren mean when he said, "...time to change your name again if the ego permits?" Well... funny you should ask. I was leaving out this stuff until Vanessa Vy, (also an alias) her real name, "Vanessa Truog" started posting personal information on the internet,. Speaking of "Bad Pennies" where did these troubles begin again, and how do the keep escalating each time... of yea, Vanessa, and her BIG MOUTH that endlessly spews lies. So, let's have at it, shall we?

The first thing you need to do, is nail down what alias Paul Leitner-Wise is using, and evidently, what birth date. Depending on what public records search you're using, it can be one of a few.

Paul Leitner-Wise aliases

Leitner-wise aliases

Seems that if you try to find a birth record of "Paul Leitner-Wise" it leads you down a rabbit hole, first uncovering this from the list of known alliases:

Paul Leitner-Wise AKA Paul Wise

Then eventually, I can only assume, that get you to this record.

Paul Leitner-Wise AKA Paul Wise

Wow, we're using a lot of aliases here. So evidently when Darren said Paul Leitner-Wise changed his name... well, what types of people generally CHANGE their name? I'll leave that up to you to decide.

Now, what spaghetti bowl of name changes and aliases, and for that matter, continent changes, would be complete, without something like this comment from a YouTube video, Teaching is not a crime. The comment reads, "I'v known paul Leitner wise (AKA Paul Underwood) for over 35 years,and his wife Suzanne for about 15 years, paul,(the quiet one in the background) is a con artist, he is wanted by the police in England on firearms charges and fraud.he did a runner to the states about 12 years ago when things got too hot for him in England, " I seriously, can't even keep up, you need INTERPOL to figure out who is even who around this guy.

Paul Leitner-Wise AKA Paul Underwood


Are you cool enough, to look upon this picture?
You need to ask yourself that... before you continue scrolling.

80's aviator glasses... check.
Leather arm bracers, he took off a maraudering Viking, after defeating him in single combat... check.
The "cool guy" boots and watch, you would think should be included as an asset in one of the three bankruptcies he's filed. CHECK!

What an operator.

Metrosexual Poster Boy

Suave does NOT go any farther!