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The REAL Paul Leitner-Wise

Paul bills himself as a "Prolific Designer" but I just never saw it. I saw a guy who talks a gigantic game, but practically, knew very little. It's like the information was regurgitated from someone else, with scant understanding.

Take for instance "Paul's" original gas piston system. First, look at the system of Kurt Walla, of Kurt's Kustom Firearms, according to legend, Kurt sent one to Paul to T&E, and tragically died in a motorcycle accident, a short while later.

Believe what you want, but in seeing Paul's designs, and skill set... well, when Paul set out to design a lightweight hand guard, this was the PAINSTAKING end result was, 8-3/4" length, 5-5/8 oz....

Leitner-Wise Manufacturing Handguard

Why was it painstaking? Take a gander, at the material Paul SENT, to create this hand guard from. That same 8-3/4" material weighed in at 36.92 oz! Yea, it was over THREE POUNDS per foot, pre machining.

Paul's original rail material for lightweight rail

It's one thing to look at it without scale, but check out the comparison. It isn't just the exterior, it's the interior, also.

Leitner-Wise Manufacturng Machined Rail vs Material


Yea, does that look like a "Prolific Design" to you? It isn't just the outside being wrong, or that it's a zillion times too thick, no, the interior needed to be relieved, too. Paul BEGGED for this sow's ear, to be turned into a silk purse so he could display it proudly. Which was done, and he took credit for it.

Before we get into all the fairy tales, about Paul making his own parts, and how he puts down everyone else for not doing so, or "not having a machine shop" - here is the Purchase Order, from the man himself. I blacked out the company name, so there is no "conflict of interest" that this is for advertising or something. Also, check out the "Ship To" address : 1112 First Street, Alexandria, VA - "Tony's Auto Service."

Why does Paul need to send his "Prolific Designs" and totally wrong material, to someone else to fix? Something so simple as a hand guard, and this is what he comes up with?

How about this bolt carrier group, "he designed" the "Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group?" Well, Paul "designed" absolutely ZERO with the bolt and carrier. Nothing at all. That is OUR enhanced bolt carrier group, of which, Paul simply ordered complete, and marketed as his own. Paul not only tells the world via social media, and various articles done that he designed it, he tells customers the same thing. Here notice someone he's selling to, BCI Defense, who has taken Paul at his word (click to open.)

BCI Defense BCG designed by Paul Leitner-Wise

Paul Explains the fine details of the BCG he DIDN'T design

The article mentions, "LWM has improved by working on the bolt lugs and radiusing process." absolutely false, radius, champhers and bolt lugs were designed with NO INPUT whatsoever from Paul Leitner-Wise.

Here is yet another "Leitner-Wise Mfg. Black Nitride M-16 Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group - Full Review" In it, Paul not only designs the BCG, he also takes credit for the M67 designed firing pin retainer, also ALL OURS, with NO INPUT from Paul Leitner-Wise, AT ALL! From the review: "One of the enhancements that caught my eye right away was the firing pin retainer. I was surprised to learn from Paul that his firing pin retainer design was based off of the original Stoner M67 design." and "Paul informed me that his retainer is designed as Stoner had originally wanted it: strong, not prone to bending, and doesn’t need to be replaced often."

Hmmm, when he says, "His retainer" he actually means, "Ours."

M67 Firing Pin Retainer

Paul sure throws around a lot of accusations of people stealing "his intellectual property." Takes a lot of nerve, when it is someone else's entirely! Again, from the article, “We came up with a direct impingement bolt carrier group in response to a lot of people talking to us about it,” LWM’s Paul Leitner-Wise says. “We wanted to give it our own touch and improve the basic design…came up with a very nice looking enhanced bolt carrier M16 group.


What about his upper receivers? Oh, wait, here's one now... made over a hundred, he came and took them PERSONALLY... and never paid for a one. He said, "The dust cover notch is wrong." The part is 100% made to print, but the "Prolific Designer's" prints, usually suffer from errors he likes to blame on machining, if there is an issue.


Case in point, the charging handles, that he sent back, "Not to print" because they didn't function properly. Well, they WERE to print, and the print was wrong. After figuring out what was wrong with the "Prolific Design" we let him know, so he could fix it. This was a recurring theme. Both, things being wrong with the print, and Paul NOT paying for parts.

Leitner-Wise Manufacturing Steel Charging Handle

What about that heavy duty buffer retaining pin, me manufactured that, right? Sadly, Paul ORDERED thousands of those, and was sent a few thousand, until he could pay for the rest... which he never did. Thousands of these for sale, at discount pricing, BTW.

Leitner-Wise Manufacturing heavy Dity Buffer Retaining Pins


Never, never, EVER, send Paul Leitner-Wise a part, drawing, don't ever talk to him about an idea or show him anything... NOTHING! Paul has this little scam, to have you send him parts to reverse engineer, or prints to "go over." Paul posts nonsense that HIS parts are pirated. Parts that, like "his" enhanced bold carrier group, are not his. Paul gets into a lot of trouble, sticking to his fantasy land stories, long after he should have told the truth, or just shut up.

Ambidextrous Selector Switches... I thought he said HE manufactured these?!?

What about his claims, HE created the Carbonite surface finish? Strange that he would have to ORDER BCGs, HE supposedly manufactured and treated with the finish, HE came up with, isn't it?
They probably make these claims, because on top of lying about all this stuff, they desperately try to cover their tracks, to make their lies difficult to disprove. Here you can see a DropBox folder, deleted by Vanessa, that shows the COPYWRITED paper written on the surface finish he calls Carbonite... NOT by Paul Leitner-Wise.

In fact, why would Vanessa attempt to delete ALL purchase orders, invoices, prints, etc. - having to do with business dealings with Leitner-Wise Manufacturing? Would it be so someone couldn't PROVE, that Leitner-Wise Manufacturing did NOT in fact, make the parts they had claimed for so long? Could it be because they had NO INTENTION of ever paying for said parts? Or was it so she could go ahead and LIE in yet ANOTHER sworn statement to the court? Answer: ALL OF THE ABOVE.


There are so many more things to post, and so little time. All the purchase orders, emails, texts, will all be available to prove every allegation set forth. Paul Leitner-Wise, will be EXTREMELY lucky, if a striped suit, isn't in his future.