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The REAL Paul Leitner-Wise

Anyone need any oceanfront property in Arizona? Because deals like this, don't come around too often.
Like many things on the internet, you can't really tell if you're dealing with a big company, or some guy sitting in Virginia, eyeing the fighting fish on his kitchen table. Both of them wondering, "What's for lunch?" but the fish is a little more wide eyed about it.

To judge something on it's own merits, is to evaluate it on it's good and bad points. When one needs to fabricate good points, or "lend credibility" to something, by way of acting as a shill, or making it seem MANY people also agree, this is earmark of a quacksalver.

That couldn't be Paul though, right? The prolific designer that started LWRC? The guy has a quarter million Twitter followers! A point that he hammers home as a precursor to nearly every encounter and prelude to why you should deal with him. He gets that out there RIGHT AWAY. Saying he can use his social media presence to "sell product" and "get the word out!"

Paul Leitner-Wise Twitter


Yea... problem is, many don't know about "fake Twitter followers." Don't feel bad, you probably don't know because you're not a narcissistic low-life, with some sort of ulterior motive in mind. Fake Twitter followers are "followers" you simply BUY. There are sites like, "Twitter Audit" where you can check and see what portion are likely fake, and that, "Oh... yea, the guy is basically talking to himself."

Paul Leitner-Wise fake Twitter followersIt's tactics like this, that Paul Leitner-Wise employs. It has a certain premeditation to it. So when he says he's, "Self made" he definitely means it.

Now this is also important, because Paul Leitner-Wise, and Vanessa like to bill themselves as a "great one stop shop for all your branding and design needs. From logos to product development." and sell themselves as having the ability to "build your brand" if you hire them as consultants." Paul likes to drop ALL KINDS of names, to help you make this decision and if nothing else, he has the 260,000+ Twitter followers!

Leiter-Wise Manufacturing Twitter FollowersWhat about the new "cutting edge" company he is building, "Leitner-Wise Manufacturing?" How does that look when you use the independent, third party evaluation tool? Pretty much the same story, a vast majority of the followers appear fake.


Darren Mellors, LWRC Executive Vice President at the time, speaks out about Paul being ousted, for shilling at AR15.com. Even then, Paul's trying to blame everyone else. Darren sets the record straight of the actual perp.

LWRC gets rid of "Shill King"

Paul not only uses his "Social media reach" to sell you top quality snake oil, he also uses it to browbeat, or intimidate people. When Paul decided to break an exclusive distribution agreement with Beam Distributing, and sell the MuzzleShot, shot glasses himself, he took to Twitter and beamed to his 200,000+ followers...

Paul says Beam Distributing stole from him after breaking an exclusive distribution agreement

This trademark, personal attacks, over something Paul himself caused is his Modus Operandi. Ironically, it is re-tweeted, by someone else under Paul's spell at the time, BCI Defense.


That crazy "weasel," thinking that his exclusive distribution agreement with Paul is worth the paper it's printed on! Paul then attempts to stymie the litigation process, by opening a new LLC, through Leitner-Wise Manufacturing, LLC by: himself, Paul Leitner-Wise, on June 4th, 2014, called Muzzleshot, LLC. (Please go to the "Corporate Shell Game" page, to read even more about THIS, now.)

Civil cases are one thing, but the real deal is going straight to criminal. Then, it's time to pay the piper.

Paul flexes his social media muscle giving Beam a bad yelp reviewBeam Distributing also felt the CRUSHING WEIGHT of the Social Media Mogul's fury, when they got the bad YELP rating... ONE STAR!
This is so lame, so sophomoric, that if I was Beam, I would have just laughed. It isn't even lame, it's pure desperation. It's a kid, telling their grandma, on their Mom, for spanking them, level.


Let's not keep you in suspense, who were the two Yelp reviewers that, "TOOK DOWN" Beam Distributing? Oh, yea... Paul and Vanessa, on the same day. Grasping at straws, weak.

Beam Distributing's bad Yelp reviewers

You can read more about Muzzleshot, LLC, on the Corporate Shell Game, page. Don't you want to just DO BUSINESS with this guy right now? This social media POWERHOUSE, a virtual self-made mogul (pun intended.) What a joke (see what I did there?)

You really can't help, but think of the Weird Al Yankovic song, "Tacky" when you know Paul. Tell me these lyrics weren't written for him:
"I instagram every meal I've had
All my used liquor bottles are on display
We can go to see a show but I'll make you pay

Well, now I'm dropping names almost constantly
That's what Kanye West keeps telling me, here's why

(because I'm tacky)

Think it's fun threatening waiters with a bad Yelp review
(because I'm tacky)

I would live-tweet a funeral, take selfies with the deceased
(because I'm tacky)




Paul Leitner-Wise, certified fake ass poser

My sister, would eat this guy alive, like a praying mantis.